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About the Seatonville Elevator Company

Proudly Serving Our Farming Community Since 1903

   Back in the beginning, conditions in the grain industry were such that farmers were forced to organize their own companies in order to secure better marketing facilities, and, also, to better their prices and services.
  For these reasons, several farmers from the Seatonville and Hollowayville areas gathered together in 1902 to have a meeting in the Seatonville Village Hall and discussed ways to better their lives.
  They decided to purchase land that consisted of a little over 1 acre that costed them $475 and they would build their own elevator.  Northwestern Grain and Livestock Company was founded that night in the Village Hall.  Several months later on February 19, 1903, the license was granted and was now a legal, organized Corporation that would issue 120 shares of stock at a cost of $50 per share.
  The Corporation's business objective was to buy, sell and deal in grains, flour, livestock, feed, lumber and agricultural implements.  The first load of oats that crossed the scale was .36 cents per bushel.

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