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Below is a listing of the products we currently have available at the elevator.  If you need something that is not on our list, please stop in or give us a call and we can see if we can get that product for you.

Agriculture Salt Agriculture Salt Agriculture Salt
Solar White 50 lb. Salt Block Trace Mineral 50 lb. Block SweetLix 37% Protein 50 lb. Block
$6.50 $8.00 $13.00
Cat Food Dog Food Duct Tape
Rancher's Brand, 40lb. Bag     Rancher's Brand, 40lb. Bag 2" x 60 yards
$18.00 $14.50        $5.00
Grain Shovel    Grain Shovel   Particulate Respirator
Aluminum Scoop Shovel Poly Scoop Shovel Moldex 2200N95, Individual Masks
$32.25  $21.65 $1.50
Particulate Respirator Rodent Control Havoc Chunks Rubber Boots
Moldex 2300N95, Individual Masks All Weather Rodenticide, 48x1oz. Pail Tingley Hi-Top, Protects up to the ankles
$3.50 $15.90 $17.00
Rubber Boots Rubber Boots Warehouse Push Broom
Tingley Overshoes - 10" Work Boot Tingley Knee Boots 24" Medium Bristle with steel Braces
$28.00 $30.00 $40.00
Water Conditioning Salt Wild Bird Seed Wild Bird Seed
Redout Salt Pellets, 40 lb. Bag Sunflower Black Oil, 50 lb. Bag Sunflower Striped, 25 lb. Bag
$7.50 $21.75 $13.50
Wild Bird Seed Winter Ice Melter Wire Fencing
No Waste Bird Seed, 50 lb. Bag Halite Ice Melter, 50 lb. Bag 9 Gauge Galvanized, 10 lbs.
$17.00 $6.50 $9.00
Wire Fencing Work Gloves  
9 Gauge Annealed, 10 lbs. Green Ape Chore Gloves  
$9.00 $3.50