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We have signed into our natural gas contract and are very pleased to announce that we will NOT raise prices for our 3rd Year in a row!!!

DRYING ChargesExcel Worksheet     Adobe .PDF File

CORN Minimum Storage is 12 cents per bushel from 9/1/11 - 1/31/12
BEANS Minimum Storage is 17 cents per bushel from 9/1/11 - 1/31/12
Beginning February 1st, 2012, storage rates are compiled on a daily basis
Corn = $0.0005 per day (equals $0.015 per month)
Beans = $0.0007 per day (equals $0.021 per month)


Corn:  1.35% per point down to 14%
Beans:  .2% per .1% moisture down to 13%

Carry Over Charges
After August 15th, a 20 cent per bushel carry over charge will apply to both corn and soybeans stored in the elevator.

We have the ability to custom haul your grain to our elevator or to the Terminals.  Currently our trucking rates are set at .08 per bushel for corn and .11 per bushel for soybeans.  We are currently working on a rate schedule based off of mileage to destination.